Researcher and Media consultant

Researcher at the Centre for Gender Studies and feminist futurology at the Philipps-University Marburg focussing on the topic "Anti-genderism in Media: 2006-2016."

Media and political consultant, journalist and moderator.

Graduation in Political Sciences at Philipps-University Marburg about the presentation of female politician in media (2010 till 2016). Publication: Female politician and power. Media presence of SPD candidates in the course of German regional elections. Bielefeld, transcript 2016.

Working as free-lance journalist, PR lyricist and consultant, author and moderator; thematic focus on: Social policy, Gender policy, Work and life balance, labour market policy, technology and innovation (1993 till 2011)

Scholarship holder of the EU Commission at the international college for journalists in Paris (1995/ 1996)

Work as editorial journalist (1987 till 1993)

Studies of political sciences, sociology, literature and journalism in Marburg and Hamburg (1981 till 1987)

Voluntary work

National coordinator of the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) about representation of women in media worldwide

Various pro bono positions in the association of journalists, among others as spokesperson and mentor